2019 SGO 50th Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer

SGO’s premier event, the Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer is four days of the latest science in the gynecologic oncology. 

Series Information
Series Date:
March 15, 2019
Series Location:
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, HI
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Friday March 15, 2019

During this half-day course, participants will gain a wealth of knowledge to better navigate the coding of gynecologic cancers. Key presentations include, appropriately identifying ICD10 and CPT codes for common procedures, understanding the reimbursement system for chemotherapy administration and coding for work performed with advanced care practitioners. Attendees will also engage in a round table discussion with case vignettes.

Speaker Information
Mary Cunningham MD
Kevin Holcomb MD
Eileen Segretti MD
Mark Shahin MD

To explore the global burden of gynecologic cancer and evaluate strategies to improve gynecologic cancer care including the role of international clinical trials.

Speaker Information
Vuthinum Achariyapota MD
Min Hyun Baek MD
Jonathan Berek MD
Agnes Binagwaho MD, PhD
Cesar Castro MD
Linus Chuang MD
Teresa Diaz-Montes FACOG
Keiichi Fujiwara MD, PhD
Annwen Jones MBA
Min Kyu Kim MD
Seongmin Kim MD
Seung-Cheol Kim MD, PhD
Tarinee Manchana MD
Robert Music
Yutaka Nagai MD
Groesbeck Parham MD
Jong Sup Park MD
Leeya Pinder MD, MPH
Marie Plante MD
Judith Smith PharmD
Edward Trimble MD, MPH
Stefanie Ueda MD

Review the recent literature and having the opportunity to discuss with experts who would  benefit the most given the available treatment options and alternatives. 
Opportunities in career development. Being able to navigate  your career from very early starting during fellowship/residency based on future goals

Speaker Information
Victoria Bae-Jump MD, PhD
Emma Barber MD
Sean Dowdy MD
Stephanie Gaillard MD, PhD
Randal Gibb MD
Barbara Goff MD
Bobbie Gostout MD
Yvonne Lin MD
Ismail Mert MD
Kristina Mori MD
Alexander Olawaiye MD
Matthew Powell MD
Fidel Valea MD
Joan Walker MD

This is a half day course that will provide a foundation on pharmacology principles to guide optimizing selection of chemotherapy, approaches for prevention and minimizing treatment-related side effects, and the management of gynecologic cancers related complications. 

Speaker Information
Grace Smith PharmD
Judith Smith PharmD

Kick off the SGO Annual Meeting by joining other allied health attendees to expand your knowledge of immune and targeted therapies used to treat gynecological cancers, and learn, through case based examples, how to integrate these novel agents into your practice and manage their unique toxicities.  Also become a change leader by studying models of practice change and acquiring skills to develop QI projects through planning, team building, implementation, and outcome measurement.

Speaker Information
Kathryn Hawley PA-C
Denise Uyar MD
Christine Walsh MD
Saturday March 16, 2019
Speaker Information
John Chan MD
Kathleen Essel MD
Soledad Jorge MD
Janice Kwon MD
Jonathan Ledermann MD
Ursula Matulonis MD
Bradley Monk MD
Kathleen Moore MD
Barbara Norquist MD

This session will feature abstracts on financial toxicity that span the socioeconomic spectrum, the impact of variation in quality of cervical cancer treatment at the national level, and an international perspective on HPV vaccination and the influence of governmental support. 

Speaker Information
Kemi Doll MD, MSc
Christine Fisher MD
Scott Ramsey MD, PhD

SGO Presidential Invited Speaker, Agnes Binagwaho

Speaker Information
Agnes Binagwaho MD, PhD
Speaker Information
Groesbeck Parham MD

The impact and rates of physician burnout are sobering. At the 2017 Annual Meeting, Dr.Tait Shanafelt presented data indicating that substantial contributors include the EHR and system-based issues, rather than simply personal resilience. SGO members are actively seeking opportunities to prevent, recognize, and manage the stressors associated with a career in gynecologic oncology, including learning how to approach changing the system. Course participants will have the opportunity to learn “best practices” from innovative systems/practice settings, and how to advocate for wellness at a systems-based level.

Speaker Information
Leslie Bradford MD
Gretchen Glaser MD
Kenneth Kim FACOG, FACS, MD, MS
David Kushner MD
Sarah Lynam MD
Nathalie McKenzie MD
Taylor Turner MD

Is there a role for HIPEC in the treatment of ovarian cancer? The use of IV/IP chemotherapy in an era of targeted agents. How do we make sense of maintenance therapy in the management of ovarian cancer?

Speaker Information
Ramez Eskander MD
Jonathan Ledermann MD

Come and hear practical, evidenced-based recommendations about a variety of topics in hereditary cancer prevention. Confused about MSI vs. MMR IHC testing in your endometrial cancer patients? Not sure when to offer a salpingectomy to a BRCA-mutation carrier? Wondering what to recommend to your patient with a RAD51D mutation? This session is here to help.

Speaker Information
Kara Long Roche MD
Barbara Norquist MD
Leigha Senter CGC, MS

Sentinel node biopsies are being adopted more frequently as part of the surgery for endometrial cancer throughout the United States and throughout the world. However, the meaning and relevance of the results in relation to treatment are still being debated. We will discuss the benefits sentinel nodes and how to use the results to design adjuvant therapy for patients with endometrial cancer.

Speaker Information
Anuja Jhingran MD
Richard Penson MD, MRCP
Pamela Soliman MD, MPH
Catheryn Yashar MD
Sunday March 17, 2019

The Farr Nezhat Surgical Innovation Session has been a hallmark of the SGO Annual Meeting. These sessions have been responsible for addressing novel basic science research as it comes to surgical innovation as well as new surgical techniques for the management of ovarian, endometrial, cervical and vulvar cancers. Farr Nezhat, MD, FACOG, FACS, in collaboration with his brothers, Camran Nezhat, MD, FACOG, FACS, who developed the technique of Video Assisted Endoscopy that revolutionized modern day surgery, and Ceana Nezhat, MD, FACOG, FACS, performed some of the most advanced endoscopic procedures for the first time, including a radical hysterectomy, paraortic and pelvic node dissection, bowel, bladder, ureter, and diaphragm resections, sacrocolpopexy, vesico¬vaginal fistula and major vascular injury repairs, and laparoscopy during advanced stages of pregnancy. By doing so, they opened the path for endoscopic surgeons all over the world, to the benefit of patients globally.

Speaker Information
Andrew Berchuck MD
Carol Brown MD
Carmel Cohen MD
William Creasman MBChB, MCG, MD
Wesley Fowler Jr., MD
David Gershenson MD
Barbara Goff MD
Beth Karlan MD
Carolyn Muller MD
James Orr MD

The most up-to-the-minute science in gynecologic oncology will be presented.

Speaker Information
Floor Backes MD
Wendy Brewster MD, PhD
Joanne de Hullu PhD, MD
Thomas Herzog MD
Karen Lu MD
Eric Pujade-Lauraine MD
Diane Yamada MD
Emese Zsiros MD, PhD

Through the #Metoo movement and the recent US Supreme Court nomination proceedings, sexual harassment and sexual violence have been exposed in many hierarchical work environments – law, entertainment, technology.  Will the medical profession be next?
The AMA has been clear about issues related to sexual harassment.  In their Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 9.1.3, they acknowledge the power dynamics inherent in sexual harassment and go further to discuss their zero tolerance regarding sexual relationships between medical supervisors and trainees.
Come to the session to learn to identify sexual harassment; distinguish between sexual harassment and other forms of sex discrimination versus general harassment; and understand expectations for managers and practitioners regarding workplace policies and practice that encourages gender equity status and best practices to create a more gender equity work environment.

Speaker Information
Jubilee Brown MD
Michael Carney MD
Jerris Hedges MD
Jennifer Rose JD

Featured Poster Presenters will each present their abstract in 3 minute talks. The full list of Featured Posters, titles and authors is available in the Program Book. Please visit the Exhibit Hall during poster viewing hours.

Speaker Information
Gary Altwerger MD
Anna Beavis MD
Benny Brandt MD
Tara Castellano MD
Stephanie Chow MD
Maria Cusimano MD
Kemi Doll MD, MSc
Diana English MBBS
Rahel Ghebre MD
Ji-Hyun Jang MD, MPH
Ismail Mert MD
Larissa Meyer MD
Natsai Nyakudarika MD
Cassandra Presti MD
Julia Salinaro BA
Juliet Wolford MD
Xiaohua Wu MD
Kosuke Yoshihara MD, PhD
Young Jae Young Jae MD

This presentation will describe real-life improvements in outcomes obtained with successive rounds of ERAS implementation, with a focus on patients undergoing complex cytoreduction for advanced gynecologic malignancies. Strategies to reduce both inpatient and outpatient opioid use will be discussed, as well as knowledge gaps in ERAS protocols (such as bowel preps, pharmacologic adjuncts). Lastly, the ongoing AHRQ Improving Surgical Care and Recovery collaborative will be reviewed as a resource for practices wishing to implement ERAS for the first time, or improve results from established ERAS pathways.

Speaker Information
William Cliby MD
Sean Dowdy MD
Gregg Nelson MD

With the recent FDA-approvals of poly (ADP ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors in subsets of high grade serous ovarian and PD-1 inhibitors in specific subsets of endometrial and cervical cancer, targeted therapy has become a reality that has rapidly been incorporated into clinical practice. Despite approvals by disease site, the ability to translate molecular alterations specific to an individual patient's tumor remains challenging. National, collaborative, interdisciplinary trials such as the NCI Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH), SWOG Dual Anti–CTLA-4 and Anti­–PD-1 Blockade in Rare Tumors (DART) and ASCO Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) studies have been undertaken to enhance scientific knowledge of targeted therapy as it applies to patient-specific response. This session will review the current state of the scientific rationale behind targeted therapy, ongoing trial initiatives and future directions for improving "precision medicine" in the clinical setting.

Speaker Information
Katherine Moxley MD
David O'Malley MD
Debra Richardson MD

Over the past year, there have been significant updates and recommendation changes in the area of cervical cancer screening and prevention. The objective of this session is to review and discuss updates in HPV vaccination, primary HPV screening, and treatment and management of abnormal screening tests.

Speaker Information
Warner Huh MD
Kimberly Levinson MD
Jennifer Pierce MD
Deanna Teoh MD

Are you trying to implement palliative care education in your institution?  Do you have a palliative care curriculum in your fellowship or residency?  In this session, we will present evidence supporting the need for palliative care education in residency and fellowship.  We will describe different ways of creating and implementing educational programs, with a special focus on communication education.

Speaker Information
Amanika Kumar MD
Carolyn Lefkowits MD
Ramey Littell MD
Lori Spoozak MD
Monday March 18, 2019

This session will explore recent updates to the use of minimally invasive surgery in cervical cancer and effects on survival. Updates from the LACC trial, new data from Korea, China and the United States, as well as a panel to discuss how to clinically incorporate these changes will all be discussed.

Speaker Information
Emma Barber MD
Robert Morris MD
Amanda Nickles Fader MD
Speaker Information
Anishka D'Souza MD
Katherine Fuh MD
David Hong MD
Mary Jackson Scroggins
Bradley Monk MD
Rodney Rocconi MD
Mark Shahin MD

Integrating genomics into endometrial cancer clinical practice: Updates in targeted treatments and immunotherapy

Speaker Information
Amanda Nickles Fader MD
Alessandro Santin MD

The best science from meetings outside of SGO presented in 2018.

Speaker Information
Michael Carney MD
Paul DiSilvestro MD
Anna Fagotti PhD
Ursula Matulonis MD
Michael McHale MD
Jacobus Pfisterer MD

Featured Poster Presenters will each present their abstract in 3 minute talks. Please visit the Exhibit Hall during poster viewing hours.

Speaker Information
Rebecca Arend MD
Charles Ashley MD
Joel Cardenas-Goicoechea MD
Robert Coleman MD
Chanchee Han MD
Isabel Lazo MD
Paul Mayor MD
Mary Mullen MD
Jay Patibandla MD
Courtney Penn MD
Michael Richardson BA
Brian Slomovitz MD, MS
Jessica St. Laurent MD
Marina Stasenko MD
Casey Williams PharmD
Yvette Williams-Brown MD, MMS, FACOG
Ghanshyam Yadav MD

We are fortunate to have three speakers from the fields of sexual medicine, gynecologic oncology and radiation oncology offering different perspectives on the sexual/ vulvovaginal health concerns of female cancer patients.
This course will focus on the common sexual/vulvovaginal health concerns, offer case examples, practical evidence-based approaches and options to identify and discuss these issues. We will provide practical suggestions that can be easily translated into the clinical setting to enhance the care of your patients

Speaker Information
Jeanne Carter PhD
Shari Damast MD
Kara Long Roche MD

Focus on immunotherapies beyond immune checkpoint inhibition, including CAR T cells, TIL and vaccine therapies.

Speaker Information
Oliver Dorigo MD, PhD
Kathleen Moore MD

This session will focus on lifestyle modifications such as diet, physical activity, and smoking cessation that may influence the risk of gynecologic cancer progression, prevention of new cancers, and survival outcomes. The effects of high-fat diet and obesity in preclinical models of gynecologic cancer will be reviewed as well as the implementation of lifestyle modifications in clinical practice.

Speaker Information
Victoria Bae-Jump MD, PhD
Tracy Crane PhD
Kimberly Nolte PA-C
Angeles Secord MD
Joan Walker MD

This session will focus on outpatient post-operative opioid prescribing in the age of the opioid epidemic. Specific topics covered will include opioid risk mitigation, recommendations regarding amount of post-operative opioid to prescribe at discharge and post-operative opioid prescribing for patients with a history of chronic opioid use or substance misuse.

Speaker Information
Kristin Bixel MD
Carolyn Lefkowits MD
Jaron Mark MD
Abdulrahman Sinno MD
Tuesday March 19, 2019

Efficiency in intraoperative practices will be explored with data from the Cancer of the uterus and treatment of incontinence (CUTI) study, data from multidisciplinary care teams for morbidly adherent placentas and self-reported operative time data from the Relative Value Units Surveys. Postoperative care fragmentation and loss of efficiency will be extrapolated from the National Readmission Database.

Speaker Information
Stephanie Cham MD
John Curtin MD
Luke Gatta
Barbara Goff MD
Katina Robison MD
Cyril Spann MD
Monique Spillman MD, PhD
Shitanshu Uppal MD

Recent years have seen remarkable success in immunotherapy of cancer. The goal of this course is to provide a brief overview of the clinical efficacy and toxicity of various cancer immunotherapy agents with a particular emphasis on the results of recent clinical trials using cell-based immunotherapies and immune check point inhibitors in gynecologic tumors.

Speaker Information
David Cibula MD, PhD
Gini Fleming MD
Claire Friedman MD
Marilyn Huang MD
Ana Oaknin MD
Kunle Odunsi MD, PhD
Alessandro Santin MD
Christine Walsh MD

This session will explore challenges facing cancer survivors and their providers after diagnosis. Research exploring obesity, fertility, and sexual function will be presented.

Speaker Information
Shannon Armbruster MD
John Chan MD
Leslie Clark MD
Gretchen Glaser FACOG, FACS, MD
Andrea Hagemann MD
Ross Harrison MD
Min Kyu Kim MD
Brittany Lees MD
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