We would like to thank our workgroups for their hard work and commitment to ConnectEd:

Chair of ConnectEd Content Development Group for SGO:
Linda Duska, MD

ConnectEd Content Development Group:
Joshua Cohen, MD
Michael Conner, MD
Dana DeMoss, MSN
Fernanda Musa, MD
Janelle Pakish, MD
Ritu Salani, MD
Robert Samuelson, MD
Leigh Seamon, DO
Deanna Teoh, MD
Renata Urban, MD
Israel Zighelboim, MD 

Chair of ConnectEd Maintenance Group for SGO ConnectEd:
Kenneth Kim, MD, FACOG

ConnectEd Maintenance Group:
Joshua Cohen, MD
Carolyn Casey Lefkowits, MD
Jeff Lin, MD
Fernanda Musa, MD
Stephanie Sullivan, MD
Renata Urban, MD