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Collapse Palliative Care Lecture Series

This lecture series contains several presentations on the topic of palliative care. First, Dr. AK Goodman discusses specific management of cases and the elements that need to be addressed in continuing chemotherapy treatment. Then, Dr. Kerry Rodabaugh discusses guiding patients decisions at end of life. Finally, Dr. Bernadette Craccchiolo discusses assessing pain and ways of managing pain.

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Original Series Date: December 12, 2012
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Collapse Use of Opioids in Gynecologic Oncology Educational Series

The Palliative Care Task Force presents this 4-part online educational module series addressing the use of opioids in gynecologic oncology.  The series is aimed at practitioners in gynecologic oncology and reviews best practices and cases relevant to the use of opioids in women's cancer care. The series starts with an introduction to opioids and different times through the course of cancer care in which opioids are used.  Part 2 is a practical case-based primer on opioid conversion, escalation, and rotation.  Part 3 focuses on common toxicities of opioid use.  And Part 4 concludes with a review of the current landscape of the opioid epidemic and regulatory issues.  We hope this series will be a practical guide to gynecologic oncology providers regarding their use of opioids for women with cancer.  


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